Visuals in a Special Education Classoom

You can't have a special education classroom without visuals. Probably LOTS and LOTS of visuals! I asked you all on Instagram this week to share your favorite (or most used) classroom visuals and I love what everyone shared!

Check them all out at #BSEspedinspiration and #spedvisuals. Here's a few of my favorites...

I am in love with all four of Miss Lulu's favorite visuals!

@missluluspecialedJoining@breezyspecialed for #BSEspedinspiration. Some of my favorite visuals are my 1) computer stop signs, 2) my reinforcer chart, 3) my math materials board, and 4) my noise levels chart. Can't live without my#spedvisuals!

This next one cracks me up. I totally had the same visual in my classroom a couple of years ago! Go pick your nose in private please ;)

@bobcatshackThis is the most used sign in my room. All I do is point, and the guilty one goes and washes their hands without a word spoken. The struggle is real....but I love my job. #BSEspedinspiration

And I absolutely love how clear the expectations for this student are over at Delightfully Dedicated!

And then I shared this keychain that was an absolute lifesaver in my classroom last year! A similar visual keychain can be found here.

@breezyspecialedThese were most definitely our most used visuals at the beginning of last year. We used them with one student so much that another student would come up and flip it to the visual we needed if the staff didn't do it fast enough! And the first one on this keychain was "shoes on" - I'd be okay if I never have to see that again! Oh the struggle!#bsespedinspiration #spedvisuals #spedtribe

Okay, now this week I would love to see what you are doing in math. It could be a worksheet, flashcards, math manipulatives, board work, etc. 
Make sure to use both the hashtags #BSEspedinspiration and #spedmath. If you are a private account, let me know so I can follow you and see your awesomeness!

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