How to Utilize Paraprofessionals during Distance Learning

A lot of teachers have been given the responsibility of assigning tasks to their professionals during distance learning. While I know this might seem like yet another responsibility, it can definitely work to your advantage! In the BSE Insiders FB group (psst: you can totally join us here), teachers have shared many suggestions on how to best use your paraprofessionals or teacher aides during distance learning and I thought I'd compile a list to help everyone who is wondering the same.

But, before I share a list of ideas, consider asking your paraprofessional if they have any ideas on what they can do to contribute to your virtual classroom during this time! They might already have ideas that you haven't thought of!

Using Boom Cards and Technology in Distance Learning for Special Ed

I'm so excited to be adding Boom Cards™ to my existing interactive PDF activities! This gives you more options for your students to practice skills and for you to assess them!

Since boom cards are new to most of use, this blog post will focus on these, but know with my digital task cards you received all of the following activities from Breezy Special Ed:
  • Interactive PDF (self checking, can be downloaded and used offline)
  • Boom Cards (self checking, must be used online, can collect data)
  • Google Quiz (must be used online, editable, and collects data)

Boom Cards:

Boom cards are also self checking cards like the interactive PDF but are hosted on the Boom Learning site. They also have sound added to the correct answer. 

Check out a preview of my color cards on boom HERE!

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