Snow Sensory Activities

While it might be too cold to bring your class outside to play with the's not too cold to bring it in!

For my fine arts class, I filled up a recycling bin of snow and separated it into student trays. Students who had gloves wore them, but the snow actually got warmer as it sat in the room and it wasn't too cold to play with using our bare hands.

Here's some of the activities we did:
  • Snow potato heads (minus the potato)
  • Snowmen
  • Snow castles (using yogurt cups as molds)
  • Painting the snow (using water dyed with food coloring)
  • Hiding (and finding) bears
  • Stamping (which only kinda worked, but actually helped clean my stamps out because apparently there was a lot of ink left on them!)

Enjoy the pictures! 

So consider bringing the snow in if you have some by you! Again, I'm always surprised at my students who LOVE these different sensory activities. You just never know :)

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