Christmas Shirts and Ornaments for Special Education Teachers

Are you a special education teacher who uses symbol support all day long with your students? In addition to the PECS, AAC devices, and symbol supported stories in your classroom, now you can add some symbols to your everyday teaching apparel as well! Also, who doesn't need an excuse to wear a comfy teacher tee to school ;)

Symbol Supported Christmas Tees for Special Education Teachers

This Merry Christmas sweatshirt comes with a scattered array of 9 Christmas symbols, such as holly, stocking, gingerbread, ornament, present, and more! It's the perfect shirt to wear the entire month of December and is available as a sweatshirt or t-shirt.

Creating a Calming Center in Your Classroom: A Guide for Special Education Teachers

Special education classrooms can greatly benefit from having a designated calming center where students can go to self-regulate when feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. This calm down space provides a safe and quiet environment for students to regain their composure. Here's how you can create an effective calming center that suits your classroom and your students' needs.

Setting Up Your Calming Center

Start by identifying a corner in your classroom that can be transformed into a calming center. Use items like bookshelves, dividers, tables, or desks to section off the area and create a cozy nook. If you have the space, consider adding comfortable seating options like a bean bag chair and a soothing bubble lamp. Additionally, incorporate smaller fidgets and visual aids to help students calm down and self regulate when feeling frustrated or overwhelmed
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