New Years Resolutions and Activities for Special Education Classrooms

Are you ready to go back to school after winter break? 

These four free new years activities will help you get back into the swing of things, and spend less time planing so you can enjoy what you have left of break! 

All of these activities are perfect for special education classrooms and have little to no prep, just print and go!

Christmas Gifts for Paraprofessionals

A special education classroom relies so much on their paraprofessionals! It's especially nice to show them how much they are appreciated, especially around this time of year!
No matter your budget, I think I have some really good ideas here for you :)

Mess Free Ornament Painting

How many of you have your students make gifts for their parents? Ornaments are one of my favorite simple gifts to make! You can easily pair it with another gift, or give it by itself!

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I think that wood ornaments like the ones I used or these on Amazon are perfect for all ages, even age appropriate for high school aged students (so many ornament crafts I see on Pinterest wouldn't be appropriate, such as handprint ornaments for high schoolers, obviously a no - and others seem to childish as well). However, wood ornaments are perfect for everyone! Joann's had a bunch to choose from, including ones with spaces for a picture or without.
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