7 Ways to Improve School to Home Communication

Good communication with parents is essential in special education classes. Of course, it is important in all levels of teaching, but with our special education students who might not be able to tell their parents anything about the day, it become even more important.

So, how do you make your parent communication FAST and EFFECTIVE?

For so many years there was the communication notebook that went back and forth. I remember getting a few of these from parents and they would write a long letter every day and expect me to do the same. While I appreciate the information and want to be able to tell them about their child's day as well, there just simply isn't enough time in the school day to write in these notebooks. If teachers did spend the time writing letters in each child's notebook daily, it would take from important instructional and learning time - and no one wants that either!

Whether you choose to use technology, paper, or a combination of both, there is a better way!!

Color Coded Calendar Visuals

Do you have a calendar set up that you love and that is functional for your students? Do your students have a hard time understand concepts such as weekends vs. school days, yesterday/today/tomorrow or struggle with changes in their schedule?

Enter: Color coded calendar visuals!! This calendar color code system helps students
  • understand what to expect for the month
  • reduce anxiety about upcoming and new events
  • learn time skills
Color coded calendars for special education classrooms

This was a total game changer for my students. It helped reduce anxiety about upcoming events, weekends, and special days. And it started with four simple colors.

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