End of the Year Memory Books

So today was our last full day of school! Craziness, right?! We just have 3 half exam days to finish the year off. This year my students and I created a class memory book for them to take home. (In the past I would go crazy printing pics of each student and have them each make a collage...this is way better and looks a little nicer too!)

Each month we went on a community trip which I always took lots of pictures for, so I mostly included those along with any other fun things we had done during that month.
Remember when we made our class Christmas cards? You all need to be doing this! It was so much fun :) Pin and remember for next year!

Then all students had to do was glue each page onto their color choice of construction paper, front and back, and then decorate the front. I gave each student the title and a pic of me with them and a pic of them and their aide. Simple and efficient.

I wrote a note to each student in their book as did their aide. And all classmates signed their names. Kinda like a mini year book :)

I think they will enjoy this book as a memory from this year!

Psst, I made an even better template with borders students can color and am sharing with you on TpT! Grab it here and happy memory book making! :)

Helping Students Understand the Delegation of Rights

Okay, I don't want to get too much into all of the legal stuff here, but basically, when a student turns 18 they become their own guardian unless parents do something about it (ex. power of attorney or guardianship).

But sometimes, parents haven't been able to complete that process, and we still want them involved and making decisions in the IEP process. The student has to delegate his/her rights to the parents in order for this to happen. There is specific paperwork (3457K - Delegation of Rights)  that needs to be completed, and it is our responsibility, as case managers, to ensure that the student understands what he/she is signing. 

Adapted Book Symbols for Tangled: Kingdom of Color

I promised to share the symbols for this adapted book once I got 50 likes on this post to see if you guys were interested, and yes you were!
It's been a while since I've added an adapted book to my classroom, but when I saw this Tangled book, I just knew I had to! My girls will love this! (They haven't even had a chance to read it yet, I put it together and laminated it today and plan on binding it tomorrow, but I was just too excited to share it with all of you!)

Book: Tangled: Kingdom of Color - available on Amazon (affiliate link)
Symbols: Adapted Symbols for Kingdom of Color - available in PDF from me! :)

Once you have the book, just print the symbols, cut out, and glue over top of the words on each page.  Then laminate and bind. Super easy!

This page below accurately sums up how I am feeling about this spring weather we are finally getting!

Looking to adapt more books? I share the symbols of most of the books I adapt from my classroom, check them out here.


Huge Teacher Appreciation Giveaway & TpT Sale

Hello fellow teachers. Know this week that you truly are appreciated. Even if you don't get anything from your students or parents (I never get anything this week of "teacher appreciation"), they appreciate all that you do, I promise! Plus, even if you don't get anything from parents, you can get a free entree from Chick-fil-A, BOGO free from Chipotle, and other goodies I'm sure. Please share if you are going to enjoy any freebie on Teacher Appreciation Day!

The group of Special Education Teachers over at We Teach Sped have come up with a list of our favorite items for special education teachers...and we are giving them all away to one lucky winner. These items include Velcro (of course, remember #weteachsped), scissors that will change your life, and so many more fun things! Enter below!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And of course, there is the HUGE Teachers Pay Teachers sale going on this Tuesday and Wednesday, May 5 and 6. My entire store will be 20% off and you can get an EXTRA 10% off with the promo code: THANKYOU. Don't forget to enter that code when you check out!

So now is the time to empty your wishlists and fill your carts! Will you be getting materials to help you finish out the year or maybe start preparing for next year already?

Here's a few of my favorite resources this time of year:
I love this Zoo Unit to prepare students for a field trip to the zoo, quite possibly my favorite trip of all time! These activities help students know what to expect on their trip to the zoo.

I recently just added this set of kitchen and cooking themed file folders into my store and my classroom and they are a hit already. Skills include: measuring, temperatures, and sorting types of food.

Using money is such an essential skill for our special learners and this dollar over color-in worksheet pack offers another way to practice using the dollar over method! Plus, my students enjoy the coloring in aspect of these worksheets. Looking for more money activities? Check out all of these money activities here!

Don't forget to check out on Tuesday or Wednesday and use the promo code THANKYOU for 28% off all Breezy Special Ed products!

Hope everyone has a great teacher appreciation day! And I hope all of your IEPs are finished soon. I know we are all so overworked, especially this time of the year. Go ahead, shop all of your worries away, the paperwork will be over soon and you can teach with all these fun materials again, I promise! ;)
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