Functional "Around the House" ESY Theme

Are you teaching a virtual ESY this year?

A distance learning Extended School Year is a perfect time to work on basic household vocabulary for students who are learning to communicate and identify basic household items. They are already in their homes, so focusing on these words is SO FUNCTIONAL and APPROPRIATE!

You can teach a room a week for however many weeks your ESY goes for, starting with the most essential/common areas: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, dining room, office, and garage.


Virtual Video Conferencing Activities for Special Education Classes

Video calls with any class brings about its own set of challenges. Video calls with a special education class, maybe even more so... The key to a more successful video call (whether you are using Zoom, Google Meet, or another video conferencing platform) is to have a plan, engage students with activities they can physically participate in, and limit downtime.

Here are some ideas for social skill activities, games, themed days, academic activities and more to help you plan and engage your special education students during your video conferencing calls.

Celebrate the End of the Distance Learning School Year with your Students

So it's almost the end of this crazy school year. You did it! Your students did it! You made it!

What are some ways you can celebrate with your special education students? In addition to a zoom/virtual party, I have some printable and ideas you can send to your students!

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