Happy 4th of July SALE!!!

Hello dear friends! It's been a while - I haven't posted since May. YIKES!

So some quick updates

- My puppy Oreo is wonderful and I love her to pieces
- I've been teaching summer school and it's been going well (and we have this week off!). I have a student who loves to kiss feet, which always makes for some great stories...
- I have been moved to a different level for next year. I was teaching the "high" level in our program, and now I'll be teaching the "low" level. Very different but I'm excited and have been pinning a lot of great ideas!
- I will also be teaching Fine Arts in our special education program next year.! I'm quite exciting for that - bring on the music and crafts!!
- We got our school iPads! I've been having fun exploring and am excited for our students to get them as well.

Also, I decided to join some other bloggers and have a TPT sale. Everything is 20% today and July 4th, so go check it out! Head over to Flying into First Grade for a list of other TPT stores who are having sales today too!
Hope to get some more posts for you soon. I'll try to be a better blogger - I promise :)
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