Voice Volume 5 point scale Visuals

I have a couple of students who can get very loud when they are excited. This 5 point volume scale has been an extremely helpful tool to help those students regulate their volume. 

I have a large copy on my white board and smaller copies on two of my students' desks. I often redirect then to a level 3 voice.
5 point Volume Scale - Special Ed

I found this awesome book on Board Maker Achieve that explains each of the volume levels and when they are appropriate to use. I edited it a little bit to add pictures and just changed a couple of the words. I love the book because it helps explain to the student the purpose of the voice chart. And of course I love the interactive pieces, you all know how much I love my adapted books!
Volume Scale Book for Special Education

5 point volume scale book (Special Education)
teaching appropriate voice volume - adapted book
5 Point Volume Scale Book for Special Education
Voice Volume Chart adapted book for special education

Download the book here and the visual here. Do you use these or similar visuals in your classroom?

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  1. I use a similar visual for student behavior and helping them identify how they feel, either angry or sad. Let me know if you want to see a picture :)

  2. the links do not appear to be working


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