Adapting Books with Widgit Online Symbols

You might know I LOVE adapting books. And for good reason! Adding symbols and/or interactive pieces to books helps give students confidence and a purpose while reading.

Recently, I adapted this book B is for Breathe using Widgit Online and it was so simple! I wanted to share the steps here with you, so you can adapt books of your own. And also, I'll share the symbols for this book as well.

Making Money IEP Goals More Functional

When teaching money, where do you start? Coins, right? Well...maybe not.

One of my pet peeves was getting a new freshman's IEP and seeing that one of their goals was to identify a penny or to recognize the value of a quarter. This happened ALL of the time. Why did this bother me? These skills of recognizing coins and their values simply aren't functional anymore for these students. If they still aren't able to identify coins at 14 years old, they need to move onto something else.

Classroom Jobs + School Vocational Experiences

Giving students jobs in the classroom is important for a variety of reasons. Not only can classroom jobs be helpful in keeping the classroom running smoothly, they can also give students a sense of purpose and responsibility.

There are two main categories of school jobs for students in special education: classroom jobs done either in the morning or afternoon for classroom maintenance, and then work experience jobs that might take up a class period because you are focusing on teaching vocational skills through those jobs.

Here's a list on each of those categories to get you thinking of jobs that your students might be able to do in your classroom and throughout your school!

"I Like Myself" Adapted Book with Symbol Support

Adapting books with symbols helps beginning or reluctant readers read more confidently because of the symbols that go along with the pictures! I use the Widgit Online software to create symbols for all my adapted books.

When I found this book, I knew it would be perfect to adapt! I love the message and feel like it is appropriate for all ages, my toddler loves it and I would have used this in my low incidence high school classroom as well.

Instagram Activity in the Classroom - Work on Writing and Social Skills

Teach writing and communication skills in a fun, relatable way with your special education students this year! 

Socialgrams allow for students to express their thoughts on a topic using a familiar social media format, with a picture, short caption, hashtags...and classmates can even add comments!

So, how would this look in your classroom? 

Why You should Incorporate Daily Questions in your Classroom

Incorporating errorless daily questions has been a game charger for hundreds of classrooms, not just mine. I got this email the other day from Erica and knew I had to share with you. How could daily questions change your classroom? You don't know until you try! And I'd bet you'd be surprised at just how many ways it will benefit the students in your classroom

"Last year I was looking to revamp my usual morning meeting routine and I stumbled across your daily questions on TpT. I cannot explain, nor be so grateful for, what this one resource did for my students.

Engagement, Independence, and Expressive Language

In a matter of weeks, their engagement, independence, and above all expressive language improved DRASTICALLY. I noticed how each of my students would participate without fear and even provide unprompted comments! The question of the day quickly became both mine and my students favorite part of the morning. I absolutely love the errorless learning aspect. I put such high expectations on my students everyday but this simple routine truly allows them to be themselves.

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