5+ Valentine's Day Activities for Special Education

I can't believe it is almost Valentine's Day already! Are you celebrating Valentine's Day in your classroom this week? Here's a few of my favorite Valentine's Day activities that you can easily include in your activities all throughout this week or for your Valentine's Day parties! 

Math using Conversation Hearts
I loved doing this estimating lesson. This is great for your students who need a bit of a challenge. This activity is a freebie from Miss Britnee on TpT, read more about it and grab the freebie here!

We also did conversation hearts with my lower students! We practiced color sorting, counting, and graphing. There are like 50 freebies for activities like these on TpT! I thought these free worksheets looked great, and check out even more candy heart math lessons here. This is such a fun and classic activity. If your students love candy, they will love doing these math lessons!

Valentine's Day Crafts #BSEspedinspiration
This past week we were sharing crafts on Instagram and I was loving the heart themed crafts! Any and all of these would be great to do for a fun Valentine's day craft. Thanks for the inspiration ladies! :) Be sure to click on the links and follow these awesome teachers!
@teachingdifferentlyWe're working our way through @teachingspecialthinkers' Valentine's Day Easy Art pack! We <3 our cute cats! #bsespedinspiration #spedcrafts#iteachsped #autismclassroom

Grab this easy art pack from Teaching Special Thinkers here!

@positivelyprekWeek 4 of#bsespedinspiration We're loving the Love Monster this week! #ithinktheyneedarms#iteachprek #iteachk #iteachsped#teachersfollowteachers #preschool#spedclassrooms

Aren't these love monsters adorable!? Check out the Love Monster book here!  (amazon affiliate link)

@youautaknowWe're gearing up for Valentine's Day over here!#bsespedinspiration 

I love the polka-dots! You can paint them with a variety of items, including pencil erasers and q-tips. It's fun to switch it up sometimes! :)

Be sure to check out more of this past week's crafts by searching #spedcrafts and check out all of the weekly topics with the hashtag #bsespedinspiration (and to participate in this week's theme)!

Valentine's Day Cards
Of course, you can't have a Valentine's Day party without cards! I love these cards because students are able to personalize their card, not only by coloring it, but by including their own words and thoughts, making it a really meaningful card.

These cards include symbol support and choices for your symbol readers, tracing options with visual choices for your beginning writers, and mix and match sentence starters for your students who might be able to write, but sometimes need some help thinking of what to say!

You could have students write to everyone in their class, their parents, siblings, grandparents, and the list goes on! Have fun with it! You can grab these differentiated Valentines cards here.

Valentine's Day BINGO
What's a party without bingo?! I love these bingo boards from Live Speak Love. Head over to her blog to download these bingo boards and other party games! :)

Valentine's Day Journal
I added this free Valentine's Day journal to my TpT store this month. I absolutely love how these journals allow for my students to write using their own thoughts errorlessly and that there is an appropriate level for all of my students. Grab this journal here!

What are you doing this week? I'd love to hear about it! 

Special Education Math: Core Words, Xtra Math, and Monsters!

This week for #BSEspedinspiration, I asked everyone to share something that they were doing in math this week. I loved seeing everyone's responses (even though math definitely isn't my favorite!)

Here's a few highlights from the week. Be sure to follow these Instagrammers if you don't already!
If you want to see more, search the hashtags #BSEspedinspiration and #spedmath

Core Word Math

this_teach_loves_speechHere is what we are doing this week for Math. We are non-verbal and try to incorporate our core words (what we use to communicate) into everything we do. This week we are playing fun games using our core words then graphing them in different ways. The students are learning how to read graphs, how to graph information, counting, colors,etc. #bsespedinspiration #spedmath#iteachsped #weteachsped#teacheraofinstagram#teachersfollowteachers#this_teach_loves_speech#multipledisabilities #autism #nonverbal

I thought this idea was absolutely genius! Sure, math is important, but it's SO important that our kids can speak, so I love how this_teach_loves_speech included core words in her math lessons!

Xtra Math Website

theautismvaultWhat are we doing in math? We recently started using the site#xtramath to practice addition. We also just started recording our weekly scores so we can see our progress over time.#iteachsped #spedtribe#teachersfollowingteachers#bsespedinspiration

A fun website AND progress monitoring - what's not to love?! Check out XtraMath.com to see if you could use this with your students too.

Monster Addition Mats

mrspspecialtiesLinking up with@breezyspecialed for #bsespedinspirationThis week is all about math. Here's what we were up to today in math. We use a variety of visual organizers to help us learn. What are you doing in math? Link up!#visuallearners #spedclass #math#mrspspecialties

I love that the students can practice different ways, or whichever way they learn best. You can find these monster math mats here.

Colored Clocks for Telling Time

breezyspecialedA telling time file folder even my lowest students can complete! I love using color supports for my early learners. I find it gives them much needed confidence. #bsespedinspiration#spedmath #iteachsped #spedtribe

Color makes me happy. And it helps my students too! :) You can see all of my time file folders in this blog post!

This week, get ready to share a fun craft! Be sure to follow me at @BreezySpecialEd, and remember if you're a private account, let me know so I can follow you. 

Don't forget to use the hashtags (#BSEspedinspiration and #spedcrafts).  
I can't wait to see what you have to share!

Telling Time File Folders for Special Education with color support

When we talk about life skills and math, telling time is one of the first concepts that probably pops into your head. Understanding time is an important skill for so many reasons, which is why we work on it so often in special education classrooms. I created this pack of telling time file folders that ALL of my students could work on.

But wait, what about your students who aren't able to recognize numbers yet, or maybe are just mastering numbers but aren't ready to move to a clock yet? I have something for them too!

Level One Time File Folders: Digital and Analog clocks with color matching! 

These file folders are great for those students who can't master number matching yet, but are able to color match, and allows them to feel like they are a part of the class. They can work on time too!

Level Two Time File Folders: Digital and Analog clocks matching (without any additional supports)

I love that these too can be used for students who can't recognize numbers, but can match the arrows on the clocks or the shapes of the individual numbers. It's a great first step to recognizing numbers and telling time!

Level Three File Folders: Matching digital time to analog time (times separated by :00, :15, :30, and :45)
This is usually the first one that students are able to complete successful, since telling time by the hour is just looking for where that little hand is pointing.

Level 3 and a 1/2 File Folder: Mixed time with color support (each time frame, such as :15, is all one color)

Level 4 File Folder: All mixed up!!

So there you have it. Telling time file folders for your entire class! Grab this pack of telling time file folders in my TpT store! And if you love activities like this, you'll also love these file folders!

Visuals in a Special Education Classoom

You can't have a special education classroom without visuals. Probably LOTS and LOTS of visuals! I asked you all on Instagram this week to share your favorite (or most used) classroom visuals and I love what everyone shared!

Check them all out at #BSEspedinspiration and #spedvisuals. Here's a few of my favorites...

I am in love with all four of Miss Lulu's favorite visuals!

@missluluspecialedJoining@breezyspecialed for #BSEspedinspiration. Some of my favorite visuals are my 1) computer stop signs, 2) my reinforcer chart, 3) my math materials board, and 4) my noise levels chart. Can't live without my#spedvisuals!

This next one cracks me up. I totally had the same visual in my classroom a couple of years ago! Go pick your nose in private please ;)

@bobcatshackThis is the most used sign in my room. All I do is point, and the guilty one goes and washes their hands without a word spoken. The struggle is real....but I love my job. #BSEspedinspiration

And I absolutely love how clear the expectations for this student are over at Delightfully Dedicated!

And then I shared this keychain that was an absolute lifesaver in my classroom last year! A similar visual keychain can be found here.

@breezyspecialedThese were most definitely our most used visuals at the beginning of last year. We used them with one student so much that another student would come up and flip it to the visual we needed if the staff didn't do it fast enough! And the first one on this keychain was "shoes on" - I'd be okay if I never have to see that again! Oh the struggle!#bsespedinspiration #spedvisuals #spedtribe

Okay, now this week I would love to see what you are doing in math. It could be a worksheet, flashcards, math manipulatives, board work, etc. 
Make sure to use both the hashtags #BSEspedinspiration and #spedmath. If you are a private account, let me know so I can follow you and see your awesomeness!
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