Back to School 2020 for Special Education

Does everyone feel like a first year teacher this year? There are so many changes and uncertainties about this school year and I know it can be overwhelming. I believe in control what we can control, and then making the best of whatever situation we are put in.

So, whether you are heading back to school in person, virtually, or a hybrid situation, here's some tips to help you get started!

Brand Ambassador Search

Hey there! Thank you for your interest in becoming a Breezy Special Ed Brand Ambassadors! Brand Ambassadors help spread the word about Breezy Special Ed resources through photographs and social media.

Brand Ambassadors are Special Educators who love Breezy Special Ed resources!

Breezy Special Ed BA’s:

  • Participate in new product testing.
  • Review products before they’re published.
  • Receive products in exchange for photography. Taking monthly photos of BSE products is the primary required task.

To be a BSE BA you will need to

  • Commit to monthly photography.
  • Share BSE products on his/her social media page.
  • Be excited about being a special education teacher!

Breezy Special Ed BAs will join a private group. Each month, they’ll receive BSE products in exchange for photographing those resource in action and sharing the photos with BSE.

Other TpT sellers and bloggers are not eligible to become a BA.

To apply to be a brand ambassador for Breezy Special Ed please apply here. Applications accepted through 8/06/20. Selected applicants will be contacted via email. Applicants not accepted will not receive an email but are encouraged to apply during the next round!

TpT's Digital Activity Tool - turn PDFs into Interactive Digital Worksheets

I'm so excited about this new feature TpT is offering! Before if you wanted to assign a PDF to students digitally I would recommend Kami or SeeSaw...but this is even better.

With the TpT digital activity tool you can easily access and assign PDFs in Google Classroom for your students to complete by typing and drawing. Boom. Instant digital worksheet!

My husband and I have spent the last three days and countless hours adding text boxes to over 60 of my resources so that they will be even easier for you to use and assign to your students. All of the Breezy Special Ed Symbol Reading Comprehension and Easy Reading Comprehension PDFs are now fully set up for you to use with the TpT Digital Tool.

Here's how it works:

Life Skill Laundry Visuals for Special Education

For life skills education, it is important to include VISUALS and REPETITION while teaching important life skills tasks, such as laundry. With the right amount of support and practice, students can become more independent individuals in their homes and communities.

When I was teaching our special education students had the job of cleaning the rental PE uniforms. It was a great way to practice important laundry skills of washing and folding each day!

I'm sure many parents would also appreciate this skill to be transferred over to home as well ;)

Summer Themed Resources for ESY

Add some fun to your ESY classroom (whether it is in person or virtually) while incorporating summer themes into your classroom! Everything is more fun summer themed!

Extended School Year is designed for students in order prevent regression and continue practice of their IEP goals over summer break. Also, it's important to keep working on those social skills! So keep your classroom routine similar to what you do during the regular school year, but it's also okay to be a little bit more relaxed and have some more fun too.

Ways to be a Teacher Against Racism

What can you do as a teacher to welcome diversity into your classroom? How can you help stop the fight against racism in your classroom and your home?

I used to think we needed to be "color blind" in order to accept all races, but over the past few years I've been learning, by listening to Black voices and POC (people of color), that isn't the case and is actually hurtful instead. Let's embrace race together and learn how to talk to our students about race, racism, and how we can be the change together.

Here's some resources by Black educators and leaders to help you get started.

Talk About Race

Call racism by name. Don't be afraid to teach kids about it. This video from Vera at The Tutu Teacher was created for her Kindergarten students and is great for younger students as well as many lower functioning students.
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