New School Year and Exciting Changes!

As many of you know, last year was a big year for me personally, as I became a mama. It's hard to believe my little guy will be one year old in just one month!

When my life took this change (for the better), it was time for me to re-evaluate my professional goals. I have always wanted to be a mom and be there for my kids, staying home, if it was possible. BUT I didn't always know how much I would LOVE my job. Special education is my passion. I love my special education students. I love teaching. I am so passionate about helping special education students succeed.
Turns out, I'm also very passionate about

First Week Activities in a Special Education Class (with freebies!)

How do you start the first week in a special education class? I've been asked this question a lot lately, and understandably why! I think every teacher, no matter how long they have been teaching, has some sort of nightmares or sleepless nights about the first day/weeks (am I right?!).

Here's what I focus on during those first couple of days.


Morning Binders in the Special Education Classroom

My students use morning binders during our morning meeting and throughout our academic portion of the morning. I love using binders because I can personalize and individualize each binder according to my students needs.
I store our binders right by the door, so that students grab them as soon as they walk in for the day (well, that's the idea at least...there is a lot of reminding to go back and get their binders!)

Here's what I put inside each binder. Everything is separated by tabs (except for the schedule which is the first page).
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