Work Tasks (TEACCH) Boxes

My work task station is one of my favorites in my classroom. Probably because it's main goal is independence and I love seeing my students working on their own. It makes me so proud! :) I have 31 boxes, labeled by letters A-Z and 5 different shapes.
Independent TEACCH / work task boxes for students with autism and special needs
Since that is a LOT of boxes, I'm just going to share 5 this post and will probably share more of them later! So here's letters A-E (I have not put my letters in any order of difficulty or anything like that, so this is totally random).
McDonald's fries counting TEACCH box
My kids have fun with this one just because it's McDonalds! The visual helps students count out 5 fries (pipe cleaners) to put in each bag. Get this visual here. Or grab this pack with counting visuals for numbers 1-20 and materials to create your own work task like this one here!

Dollar Over TEACCH task box for special education / autism
Here's a dollar over one. The student reads the price on the card and attaches the correct amount with the paper clip. (Side note - These next dollar over worksheets are great for additional practice!)

TEACCH work task boxes for special education / autism
This one is a simple 1:1 correspondence activity - to put one object (in this case a foam letter) in each container. I have considered making this a matching activity by gluing a matching letter to each lid, but I needed to keep some of my boxes very simple.

Simple TEACCH work task box for special education / autism
Speaking of simple, this one is just sticking the Popsicle stick into the wet ones container!

TEACCH work task box for counting and fine motor #specialeducation #autism
This one is color matching and counting. This one is challenging for many of my current students, but the visual helps and I often remove a majority of the numbers.

The materials I used to set up my work task station (labels, schedules, and data sheets) are for sale here in my TeachersPayTeachers store.

Update: More work task posts can be found below.
Do you have work task boxes in your classroom? Any similar ones?! :)


  1. I absolutely LOVE your color matching and counting task. The visual is great and I can totally see one of my students being successful with this one! Great idea - thanks for sharing :)

    Mindful Rambles

  2. Love Mc Donald one going to implement this well thanks do much for sharing!!!!

  3. This week and thanks so much...self correct lol

  4. Hi, in regards to the McDonald's download that you shared, would you be able to make more of these with different numbers, like 1-15? Or, tell me how you made it so that I could make cards with other amounts of fries? Thanks!

  5. Wow! These are really good ideas!

  6. yes! I worked this summer with my SLP to create tasks with Core 40 instructions. I agree. It's the heart of my classroom.


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