Telling Time File Folders for Special Education with color support

When we talk about life skills and math, telling time is one of the first concepts that probably pops into your head. Understanding time is an important skill for so many reasons, which is why we work on it so often in special education classrooms. I created this pack of telling time file folders that ALL of my students could work on.
Telling Digital and Analog Time - File Folders - great for Special Education

But wait, what about your students who aren't able to recognize numbers yet, or maybe are just mastering numbers but aren't ready to move to a clock yet? I have something for them too!

Level One Time File Folders: Digital and Analog clocks with color matching! 

These file folders are great for those students who can't master number matching yet, but are able to color match, and allows them to feel like they are a part of the class. They can work on time too!

Level Two Time File Folders: Digital and Analog clocks matching (without any additional supports)

I love that these too can be used for students who can't recognize numbers, but can match the arrows on the clocks or the shapes of the individual numbers. It's a great first step to recognizing numbers and telling time!

Level Three File Folders: Matching digital time to analog time (times separated by :00, :15, :30, and :45)
This is usually the first one that students are able to complete successful, since telling time by the hour is just looking for where that little hand is pointing.

Level 3 and a 1/2 File Folder: Mixed time with color support (each time frame, such as :15, is all one color)

Level 4 File Folder: All mixed up!!

So there you have it. Telling time file folders for your entire class! Grab this pack of telling time file folders in my TpT store! And if you love activities like this, you'll also love these file folders!

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