Make Monday Mornings Easier: Weekend Reports

Ah Monday mornings... You just had fun all weekend and suddenly are back to reality. And oh my goodness, you forgot that you were going to put together a lesson plan and now you are scrambling...NEVER AGAIN! I planned all of my Monday morning lesson plans for the YEAR with this one language arts / social skills activity.

Errorless Daily Questions: A Great Way to Start Class

I love starting my class with a question of the day. A visual question of the day gives my students opportunities to communicate and express themselves with having to wonder if they are wrong or right.  No matter my students abilities, they can all answer these questions (and enjoy doing it)!
 Another perk to doing these questions right at the beginning, is I can have something for my students to do if class doesn't start on time, or if all students aren't ready to go right away. I have journal options including drawing, writing one word, or writing sentences that students can complete while they wait.
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