4 Ways to Teach Students how to Tell Jokes using Symbol Support (free download)

What do you do for April Fool's day in your special education classroom? This can be a tricky holiday to celebrate. In my classroom, we tell jokes! And not only on April Fool's Day. Jokes are a great way to give student confidence speaking, motivation to communication, and an appropriate way to gain attention.
How to teach special education students how to tell jokes using symbol support (free download)

I have an envelope filled with these 22 symbol supported jokes that my students can use in a variety of ways depending on their abilities.

How to Set Up an Independent Work Box Station

My independent work box station is one of my favorite activities for my students. It's amazing to watch them grow more and more independent and begin to work on these tasks all by themselves. Also, my students find so much satisfaction and pride in being able to do tasks on their own tool! Plus, I know a lot of classrooms are short on aides. After teaching your students how to use a work task station, you shouldn't even need any aides to run it so you can utilize them where needed (just obviously with someone keeping an eye on things in case a student needs redirection!).

What kind of supplies do I need? Shoeboxes (I got 30 of them at the dollar store), labels and schedules, and random things you can probably find in your classroom or at the dollar store to create the tasks! If you need more space and have small tasks, you can use index card holders (for task cards) or magazine file boxes (for file folders)

Quick and Easy St. Patrick's Day Ideas for your Special Education Classroom

Who's celebrating St. Patrick's Day in your classroom this week? Any excuse for a party, right? I love parties, but I also love activities that are quick and easy to prep. Here's a few of my favorite activities that you can have ready to go in minutes (or even seconds!)
Parties also help our students practice important life skills and offer a fun way to get used to changing the routine (which can be hard, but important!)

How to Teach Students Their Personal Information

Knowing and being able to share personal information is one of the most important life skills for our students to have. This might be achieved verbally for some of our students, whereas other students might work on handing over a personal identification or ID card. Some of our students might be working on filling out more detailed forms, and others working on writing their names.

How to Teach Special Education Students Their Personal Information
No matter where your students are at, they can (and should be) working on their personal information!
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