Special Education Math: Core Words, Xtra Math, and Monsters!

This week for #BSEspedinspiration, I asked everyone to share something that they were doing in math this week. I loved seeing everyone's responses (even though math definitely isn't my favorite!)

Here's a few highlights from the week. Be sure to follow these Instagrammers if you don't already!
If you want to see more, search the hashtags #BSEspedinspiration and #spedmath

Core Word Math

this_teach_loves_speechHere is what we are doing this week for Math. We are non-verbal and try to incorporate our core words (what we use to communicate) into everything we do. This week we are playing fun games using our core words then graphing them in different ways. The students are learning how to read graphs, how to graph information, counting, colors,etc. #bsespedinspiration #spedmath#iteachsped #weteachsped#teacheraofinstagram#teachersfollowteachers#this_teach_loves_speech#multipledisabilities #autism #nonverbal

I thought this idea was absolutely genius! Sure, math is important, but it's SO important that our kids can speak, so I love how this_teach_loves_speech included core words in her math lessons!

Xtra Math Website

theautismvaultWhat are we doing in math? We recently started using the site#xtramath to practice addition. We also just started recording our weekly scores so we can see our progress over time.#iteachsped #spedtribe#teachersfollowingteachers#bsespedinspiration

A fun website AND progress monitoring - what's not to love?! Check out XtraMath.com to see if you could use this with your students too.

Monster Addition Mats

mrspspecialtiesLinking up with@breezyspecialed for #bsespedinspirationThis week is all about math. Here's what we were up to today in math. We use a variety of visual organizers to help us learn. What are you doing in math? Link up!#visuallearners #spedclass #math#mrspspecialties

I love that the students can practice different ways, or whichever way they learn best. You can find these monster math mats here.

Colored Clocks for Telling Time

breezyspecialedA telling time file folder even my lowest students can complete! I love using color supports for my early learners. I find it gives them much needed confidence. #bsespedinspiration#spedmath #iteachsped #spedtribe

Color makes me happy. And it helps my students too! :) You can see all of my time file folders in this blog post!

This week, get ready to share a fun craft! Be sure to follow me at @BreezySpecialEd, and remember if you're a private account, let me know so I can follow you. 

Don't forget to use the hashtags (#BSEspedinspiration and #spedcrafts).  
I can't wait to see what you have to share!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my post on your blog! I have loved sharing on Instagram weekly and seeing what other sped teachers are doing!


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