Binder Work Station for Special Education

Someone recently asked about the binder station I had used in my I decided it was time to post this video I took a couple of years ago.

Feel free to check out this video below for how I set up and organized my binder station.

Binder Section Materials shown in this Video:
Signs: PCI Environmental Print Series - this blog post explains how I use this curriculum
Say & Glue: Say & Glue for Language and Listening - I *think* this is the same book, if not it's very similar. You can download free samples to try before you buy!
Vocab: Household Vocab Unit - Kitchen Vocab (see all vocab units available)
Edmark: I love their functional word series. I've been using it a lot more this past year as I've gotten students who are able to recognize words easier. 
Social Skills Readers: Getting Along with People - it's a little outdated...but still has some good concepts that we work on while reading these!
Form: Personal Info Practice - Includes various levels for different students, to include matching, tracing, or copying.
Writing: Download an ABC tracing font and create handwriting sheets on Microsoft word! Or use journals (linked below)

Binder Section Materials I have added since:
Journals: I print off a pack of journals for each student depending on their level. Then they also grab the folder with the classroom sample journals in order to complete their journal.
Money Worksheets: I use these simple bill identification worksheets for my students who are still learning the difference between a $5 and a $10 bill. There are also coin ID worksheets available!
Life Skill Math Worksheets: Students complete these differentiated math worksheets one each day after completing a hands-on activity on topics of money, sizes, directions, more/less, and time.

Also, see this post for the aide descriptions of each station in my classroom including this binder station!

Update: I now organize our binders differently and don't have a "binder work" station anymore. As the needs of my students changed and I was able to introduce more group-type of work (such as my journals), I changed our binders to a morning routine/work thing which I will explain soon!


  1. I am curious how you use the Edmark in your room.

    1. Hi Jamie! I actually follow the program very closely. I work with a student (or a para) and we go over the lesson, the student reading (or signing, or finding on their device) then the student completes a correlating worksheet (or 2). If they did well on the words, they move on. If they need more practice they do the same lesson the next year.

  2. I feel like I am not using Edmark correctly because everyone had such great things to say about it. I can't get my students past the discrimination test, even though they can match.


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