Environmental Print Signs Resource from PCI

Most of the resources that I used in my classroom I have created or received from other teachers - as I don't have a specific curriculum and usually am looking for very specific things. However, I LOVE this Environmental Print resource from PCI. It is appropriate for all my students and works on teaching important environmental print signs as well as reading. 
Each story has 3 signs. We spend 1-2 weeks on each story. I display the sign posters in my room.
First, we read the story on the projector (it comes with a PDF on a CD) together as a class to introduce the story and signs. I then store the current story we are reading by our binders, so we can review the story with the students before we do the worksheets during our binder time. Also if we review the story enough, many students are able to tell the story on their own towards the end!

Here's a few of the worksheets. There's about 7 for each unit. I have my students just do 1 a day so that we get practice on the symbols every single day.
I checked the PCI website, and you can download a sample and read more about what all is included.

This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share what I think is a really awesome resource! Please share any other resources you have found that you think have been helpful because I am always looking for new things!


  1. I love this program. I use this is my elementary support center with 3rd-5th graders. PCI also has another wonderful sight word reading program with three different levels of sight words! I use this with my students that are higher than just functional sight words but are not decoders. With my lower functioning verbal and nonverbal students I use the Styer-Fitzgerald Functional Academics Curriculum (http://www.styer-fitzgerald.com/), They have a program for elementary and secondary levels. I also use the Basic Skills Checklists: Teacher-Friendly Assessment for Students with Autism or Special Needs for my lowest students. This is a wonderful checklist of skills. It just takes awhile to create all the material for each skill, but worth it! And of course adapted books. For my decoders, I use Reading Mastery ( I think it is Corrective Reading for middle and high school level). For language units I love Hands-On Reading by Jane Kelly and Teresa Friend. For math, I use Connecting Math Concepts, Touch Math, Touch Money, Functional Academics Curriculum math skills, and Basic Skills checklist. For writing I love Hand Writing Without Tears and Functional Academics Curriculum writing skills. And lastly, my favorite program I have used for the past two years with my non-verbal students is PECS. My sped team took both beginning and advanced trainings and have seen huge growth with my non-verbal students now being able to initiate their wants and needs. Some students are commenting on stories,weather, and objects in their environment using their PECS book. I am in love with this program when it is done correctly! Sorry so long, but there are great programs out their already made if districts are willing to buy them!

    1. Wow! So many great resources listed here. Thanks for sharing Stephanie. I'll have to check some of them out!

    2. The PCI website has changed to http://www.proedinc.com/

  2. Do you happen to have a letter you send home to parents introducing the program, to go along with the first school-home connection?


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