FREE Functional Skills Video Apps for iPads

I love having iPads in our classroom, and I love finding great free apps to go on those devices! These three apps shown below are the Life Skills Sampler, Social Skills Sampler, and Work Skills Sampler all by the Conover Company.
The life skills sampler and the work skills sampler each have TONS of short videos about functional items and/or signs. I love these videos, they are short and to the point. They repeat the main word and show the sign/word at both the beginning and the end of the video. These videos are SO helpful for my students in learning about these basic things. Plus, my students enjoy watching these videos (I've even caught them doing it in their free time!) The social skills sampler doesn't have quite as many videos (only 7) but they are longer and still really great.

Here's the links to download these apps in iTunes, or you should be able to use these keywords to find them easily as well.
Social Skills Sampler
Work Skills Sampler
Life Skills Sampler

Do you know of some other great free apps? Has anyone started using the free communication device app in their classroom? I'd love to hear about how you're using any iPads you might have in your classroom!

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