New School Year and Exciting Changes!

As many of you know, last year was a big year for me personally, as I became a mama. It's hard to believe my little guy will be one year old in just one month!

When my life took this change (for the better), it was time for me to re-evaluate my professional goals. I have always wanted to be a mom and be there for my kids, staying home, if it was possible. BUT I didn't always know how much I would LOVE my job. Special education is my passion. I love my special education students. I love teaching. I am so passionate about helping special education students succeed.
Turns out, I'm also very passionate about
my little guy ;)

It was a difficult, but at the same time, an easy decision to make. Thanks to this blog and my TpT store and all of the special education teachers who use my resources to help their students become more successful...I can do both.

I have decided to step away from the classroom for now and be at home with my baby. But you better believe I will continue to use nap time and evenings to continue to create awesome resources to share with my fellow special educators.

To everyone who uses my products or ideas in their classrooms, THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing me to continue to do what I am passionate about, both helping students and staying home with my son.

I want to make sure I am truly helping you in any and every way that I can. Please email me at anytime with any questions or if you ever need anything. I'm taking product requests, blog post ideas, or any questions that you have about running your classroom! I want to share in your classroom success and accomplishments as well! Please share your great news and pictures as well!

Are you in the Chicagoland area and looking for 1:1 classroom consulting in your special education classroom or program? I'm offering that now as well! Contact me for more information.

There are so many things that I haven't been able to share with you yet, and now I'm hoping I will get the chance to share those things. Be on the lookout for more new products and blog posts! :)

I'm here to help you help your students. Thank you for the opportunity to do that!

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