Celebrate Student Achievements with Super Easy Certificates!

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen the huge accomplishment one of my students made the day after coming back from break - no swearing the entire day! Say what?! That hasn't ever happened in the three years he has been in our program...so I kinda had to make a big deal about it :)
Today when he came in I had this certificate ready for him. 100% perfect Respectful Language. He was beaming ear to ear. And this even stopped a rant he was on after coming in from the cold! He showed off his certificate to staff and smiled whenever we told someone knew. Today wasn't perfect, but we made it through the day with about 15 swearing instances - still really good! I'm quite optimistic about 2014.
And fellow teachers, the best part about this certificate is it took me about 1 minute to create. That's right. No more than 60 seconds. It's an awesome site called 123certificates.com. You can choose a certificate from their wide variety of options (200+ according to their website) and quickly personalize and print - all online. Easy peasy.

What could you reward a student for? Check out this site now! And tell me what you could use it for! Happy certificate-making!

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  1. What a great way to celebrate your student's accomplishment!! Go him (and you)!



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