Class Businesses for Fundraising in Special Education

Help your students learn important job related skills while earning money to spend on community trips and materials for cooking. It's a win win!

Here's some ideas to help you get started thinking about what class business would work best for your students and school community.

Food Sales

  • Coffee cart - see my blog post here
  • Snack cart
  • Hot Dogs
  • Popcorn

Vending Sales

For vending sales, students can work on taking inventory, re-ordering, counting money, replacing items (matching, fine motor, so many skills here).
  • Pencils - you can choose how much to sell each pencil for. They also make pen and eraser ones as well. (Or a cheaper option, you can run on the honor system with a bank and regular pencil dispenser.)
  • Snack or Drink vending machines - even if you can take over this position from your school and not have it be a fundraiser, it's a great time to work on vocational stocking skills matching, placing items in the correct places in the the right way.


I specifically love the non-food baking ideas!
  • Dog biscuits
  • Bath bombs
  • Bath salts
  • Jar mixes

Crafts / Creating

  • Greeting Cards - see this blog post for more info
  • T-shirts (with Cricut and Heat Press)
  • Twisted Pens (perfect for those you live in a touristy area. I saw them at many restaurants and small businesses while vacationing in Florida)
Class fundraising idea for Special Education

Services for Teachers

  • Car Wash and Vacuum 
  • Grocery shopping for staff
  • Staff luncheon
  • Place orders for lunch delivery (Subway, chipotle, etc and students can input orders on a computer)
  • Christmas gift wrapping

Other Fun Ideas

  • Host a pageant - read more here
  • Dance
  • Movie night

I hope these ideas help get you thinking about ways to fundraise for your class while providing meaningful work and life experiences for your students.
Class business and fundraising ideas for Special Education life skill classes
If you'd like to share with me about a specific class business / fundraiser, please contact me on social media @BreezySpecialEd or email me here! I'd love to hear and share your great ideas too! :)

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