How to make an Activity Booklet from File Folder Activities

I decided to try something different and prep my file folder activities into a booklet and I am obsessed with how it turned out! It's also the perfect solution if you don't have a big enough laminator to fit file folders (a 9" personal laminator worked great to create the booklet). 

How to turn file folders activities in an activity booklet for special education and more

How to make an activity booklet from digital file folder activities

I simply trimmed the inside pages and pasted onto astrobrights (for a fun pop of color) and then trimmed the astrobright paper a little bit as well so that it could fit nicely in a laminating sleeve with the tab on the edge. Then I laminated using my personal 9" laminator and trimmed off the extra lamination.

Binding with a Proclick

I binded the pages together using my proclick (amazon affiliate link) to make it into a booklet. (I love how space saving this little machine is, and it gets the job done!) I use regular 4:1 spiral coils and manually insert them through the holes.

You could also hole punch and put into a binder or use binding rings as well if you don't have a binding machine.

Velcro trick number 1

Next, my favorite new Velcro trick is to use the teeny tiny dots on the pages and the bigger Velcro dots on the pieces.

There's a few reasons for this: it helps the pieces stick to the page easily (if you use two tiny dots, they can be difficult for students to match up perfectly), it makes it easy to take off (sometimes two big dots can stick together almost too well), and you can see the images on the page better too because the dot is smaller!

Velcro trick number 2

Another Velcro trick I use it to alternative the soft/hard on the page/pieces for the file folder activity (or book). The first two activities here are similar pumpkin matching, but the first page has larger pumpkins. Since I "switched" my Velcro rules on the file folders, the pumpkins from the second activity simply won't stick to the pumpkin on the first activity!

How else do you prep your "file folder" activities?

Have you ever prepped your file folder activities a different way too? I'd love to hear about it! 

If you like these pumpkin activities, these (and more as seen below) are available as a digital download in my TpT store here or prepped and ready to ship on Etsy here!


  1. This is such a great idea!! I'm not really understanding how you got the tabs on though. Did you just put them on the astrobright paper and trim around? Thank you so much!!

    1. Yes I trimmed the paper so that the tab would still fit inside the laminating pouch, and then I just laminated and trimmed off the extra lamination.


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