No Prep Work Boxes for Special Ed on Amazon

You all probably know how much I love making task boxes for my work task station from materials that I can find laying around at home or in my classroom. Free is always best!

BUT...there is something about the ease of Amazon (Dear Amazon Prime, just take all my money already!), and time is valuable, so if you need some quick new ideas, here's a few of favorite work tasks that you can find on Amazon! (The following links provided are affiliate links)

I had a similar set of nuts and bolts in my classroom and highly recommend these!
They are totally worth it! Students can work on the fine motor of screwing or unscrewing the nuts and bolts AND also matching the colors and shapes. Only the same shaped nut will fit on the same shaped bolt which is great. I'm thinking about buying a set for my toddler as well. Seriously, these are the best!

These six boards all practice important self dressing skills. Perfect for students who are working on some of these specific skills. You could put all of them in a box for more advanced students, or just one or two for students who are working on mastering specific skills. (I bet you could make these yourself too if you're feeling crafty!)

I can't decide if I like the alligators or popsicles better, but I think both of these are fun ways to practice matching lower and upper case letters. The color coding also helps students learn to match them together correctly.

These number turtles are adorable! The big turtle's shell has a certain amount of shapes on it and opens up so that you can hide the baby turtle with the written number underneath it (also incorporating those fine motor skills!) Again they are also color coordinated, which could be a perk or a crutch...depending on your students abilities.

Practice cutting fruit and vegetables! Each piece of food in this set comes in two pieces connected by velcro which allows students to slice them in half with a knife. I absolutely love this way to introduce cooking skills. Plus you can also use it as a matching activity when the pieces are already separated, students can match the two sides of the fruit. (I love work boxes that I don't have to take apart!)

Russian nesting dolls are fun because you can either have students put them all inside each other, take them all apart (surprises galore!!), or just match the two correct sizes together! I love this penguin set because 1) they are plastic and 2) they are adorable. 

So there you have it. Seriously, Amazon, take all of my money and thanks for making my life easier!
Do you have any of these for work boxes already? Will you try any of them out?

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