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So I like wearing nice clothes...but I dislike spending a lot of money for said clothes. So, I'm a garage sale, thrift store, clearance rack kind of girl :) It's amazing what really nice things you can find for so cheap!

Anyway, I was so excited when I heard of this new(ish) site Schoola. They sell second hand clothes AND 40% of the profits go to benefit schools! I'll be honest. The real reason I was so excited was because they are offering a FREE $15 credit when you sign up, plus they are also offering half off everything on their site right now with the promo code 'HALFOFF'. UPDATE 7/6: I don't think this promo code is valid anymore, but you can still get the $15 credit, plus an additional $10 credit for creating a "collection" which gets to you $25 and anything over $25 ships FREE! Plus you can try the code VONBEAUS for $5 off.

So it was as simple as putting $30 or less of items into my cart and checking out for free! Here's what I found.
And here was my total after entering the promo code HALFOFF and using my free $15 credit.
No joke people. What do you have to lose? It's free!!! And as a teacher, I'm sure we can all appreciate the fact that we are helping out other schools as well (and you can even choose your own school, but I didn't notice that until afterwards - find the link that says "Help Your School" at the bottom of the website).
Be sure to sign up with a referral link in order to get your $15 credit (that's my referral link) and then you can share the link with your friends to pass on the fun and receive additional credits! Win, win, WIN!!! (They have both women's and kids clothing, so you could get something for your kids instead too!) Let me know what you find!

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