Money Uno games

Uno: Every special educators favorite game. Am I right? Well, it's definitely one of my favorite classroom games. Uno works on color and number matching, which is simple enough for many students, but higher level students enjoy it just the same! 

Since my students already enjoy (or at the very least, are familiar with) Uno I decided to make an uno-like game that works on money recognition skills!

This game includes fronts of bills, backs of bills, and money values. It also includes the "special" cards such as draw two, wild, reverse, along with a special wild card where the caller has to choose a money amount rather than a color.
Play Money Uno & learn money and their values! Both coins and bills. Great for special education.
Even though I make my students really work while playing this game (for example, telling me what amount they are laying down), they really enjoy it and haven't caught onto the fact that they are working while they play! :)

This product is available to download in my TpT store in both bills and coin versions. Just print, laminate, and cut and you'll be ready to go!

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