More Work Task Boxes - part 3

And, yes, here's more work tasks for you to check out. If you missed my other work task posts, check them out here and here for more info on our independent work task station.

I got a bunch of CDs from free-cycle and went through them to find the CDs that look similar to the covers to create this matching/packaging task.

Pipe cleaners and pony beads. Pretty self explanatory, student matches color and strings on the beads.

These were leftover from a Halloween party, and I almost threw them out when I noticed some of the handles had fallen off. Yes! It has now turned into a great assembly task by put the handles back on the skulls! :)

Next I have sorting tasks with Velcro with a variety of different categories. These categories sets come from Erin - Adventures in Tutoring and Special Education. Thanks Erin! :)

I also use these and other task cards that can be answered with a dry erase marker. This specific set works on knowing which bill is worth more and can be found here.

This task is sorting bumpy frogs from smooth frogs. I added bumps on the bumpy frog visual and container by using Elmer's glue and allowing it to dry. I really like this task because it's not something students are used to sorting so it really makes them think. This would also be a great task for visually impaired/blind students.

For more work task box ideas, check out

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  1. I love all of these ideas!!! I have been looking for new work tasks for my classroom and just posted a few over at my blog that I recently made. Now I have more to make!!

    Learning Ahoy!


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