Kitchen Vocab Unit for student with Special Needs

I love this new kitchen unit that I have created for my students! It is simple and very basic, focusing on six main kitchen appliances (oven, fridge, microwave, toaster, blender, and dishwasher). When teaching some of my students how to cook this year, I realized some did not know these items yet. And it's kinda hard to teach students who to use the microwave when they don't know what it is yet! :)

Included in this packet is:
  • 3 sets of Flashcards (Color, B&W, Word, and activities/questions to use with flashcards)
  • 6 pages of Matching activities (Picture to Picture, Picture to B&W, Picture to Word) *First one of each set includes lines for students to trace
  • 2 Cut and Paste Matching activities
  • 2 Tracing (ABC & abc) pages and 1 Writing page
  • 6 pages of Identifying the appliance (circle all ____)
  • 8 half pages to create a Vocab Coloring Book (color picture, trace word)
  • 2 File Folder activities (matching picture to picture, matching picture to word)
  • 1 Data Sheet (with graph for student to measure their own progress)
I put the worksheets in my students' binders for them to complete during binder time, and we use the flashcards in both our language and binder time as well.

The directions on the worksheets include pictures to help non-readers understand how to complete the worksheets independently. And worksheets are differentiated so most students are able to access the worksheets, such as the dotted lines seen in the worksheet below.

And of course I had to include a file folder, because it's such a sneaky way to get my students to practice working on skills because for some reason, they think all file folders are fun games! :)

Head on over to TpT to check out this packet for yourself!


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