Frozen Adapted Book with Symbols

I don't know about you, um, your class, but we are OBSESSED with Frozen right now :) So, of course, I bought this Step into Reading level 2 book A Tale of Two Sisters from Amazon (affiliate link) and added reading support symbols for my students. I love how adding symbols to a page gives my students SO much more confidence while reading and makes the task so much less daunting. Shoot, reading is even fun!!
Plus, the book itself is a pretty high motivator! If you happen to purchase this book as well, you can download the adapted symbols for A Tale of Two Sisters. Enjoy!

To put it all together, all I did was cut and paste the sentences directly over the words. Everything fit great and I didn't have to cover up any pictures. Plus, no laminating since I'm not adding removable pieces to this book. (update: I underestimated how much my students would love this book. It has since been laminated to keep it from falling apart!)
 Adapted Book - frozen
Frozen adapted book for special education 
Now, let's all sing "Let it go". Hm, now that could be a great starter for a behavioral social story, or song! Anyone up for writing it? :)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these! I can begin my year with some adapted books right off the bat. FYI the Step into Reading books are also 3.99 on Barnes and Noble and with the Educator Discount they are 20% off!!

  2. Don't forget that A.C. Moore has Step into Reading books and they usually have coupons good for anywhere from 40% to 60% off if you sign up for their emails. Top that off with the educator discount too and you have a real deal!


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