HUGE TpT Sale!!!

I love TpT sales! It's definitely the best time to stock up on new products :) My entire store is discounted 20% off, and you can get an extra 10% off with the promo code TPT3 when you check out. The sale is going on now through Friday the 28th.
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I've added some new products lately, such as my Bowling Unit, which contains BINGO boards, a coloring book, worksheets, and a social skills game. We have been using these materials to prepare for our field trip, which is tomorrow!
And then there's the TEACCH schedules, labels, and data sheets that I just uploaded last night! These materials are what I used to set up my work boxes. Plus, since this is a new product it is currently 50% off (all new products are for the first 48 hours) and then you can get an additional 10% off of that price too. What a steal!!!
I also just posted this UNO game, so it is currently 50% off as well. I am so excited to print this and set it up for my students to use. They play UNO all of the time and have a hard time recognizing numbers anyway, so I am really hoping this game with the dollar bills with help with their money identification. Playing a game while working on IEP goals, now that's called teaching! :)

I'm up to 30 products in my store, so you have a few to browse through and see if there is anything you can't live without! Happy shopping!

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