Community Trip & Book: Denny's

Most of my class went to a trip to Denny's a week ago. It went really well. We prepared for the trip using this restaurant unit. A step up from McDonalds - and my kids stepped up to the challenge! After going on the trip, I created a book (using powerpoint) of our trip and it has been a favorite read since! Because everyone loves to be featured in a book, right?

Here's our book. Please excuse the post it notes that are covering up my student's identities...
Hope this give you some ideas of books you could make from field trips/community trips! I've been having a ton of fun this year creating and adapting books this year :) Can't wait to share more of them with you.


  1. That's a great idea! I bet it's something they love to read on their own! I wish we could go on a trip...I usually have to bring the trips to them!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

    1. Yes, they really do love these books! And they love that they can talk about their experience!

  2. Wonderful! Love the community experience and follow up with the book!


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