Fast Food BINGO + Fishing!

We love to play Bingo in my classroom! But, who doesn't, right? Of course, for fast food month, we had to have a Fast Food Bingo. We also used these words as our vocab words for the month. (I store all of my Bingo boards inside of page protectors in a binder.)

I decided to add a new way to play Bingo and it was a blast! I got a few magnetic fishing games at the dollar tree, added paperclips to our calling cards, and BOOM - we were fishing for our calling cards. My students loved taking a turn being the fisher/caller!
Simple - and tons of extra fun. You can get this Fast Food Bingo set along with a bunch of fast food materials at my TPT store. And I have more fun ways I play Bingo, so stay tuned, I'll share them sometime (Is the suspense just killing you?!).

Do you add any fun twists to your Bingo games?


  1. I usually put the vocabulary on the board, and have students fill in a blank bingo card themselves. Then when they get a match, they have to use the word in a sentence or spell it, depending on proficiency.

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