Making Placemats / Cards for Veterans + Free Resource for Honoring Veterans

Happy Veteran's Day! If you have served in the military - thank you so much for your service! We truly do appreciate it. My students showed their appreciation to veterans by making place mats to be used at a local Veteran's Day luncheon (and they received community service hours for this project). We made 100 of them! Luckily I had other students in our program helping out too.

It's easy to tell your writers/drawers to decorate a placement - but what about your non-writers and your students who don't really draw? Well here's what I did:
- dot markers
- paint splatter droppers
- die-cut shapes of USA and the shape of the United States 
- variety of flags to choose from
- phrases with symbol support (I cut up all phrases and have students choose which ones they want to say)
- tracing phrases (such as Thank You and Happy Veteran's Day)
special education - Veteran's Day appreciation
Download the flags, symbols (enough choices given to write an entire letter), and tracing phrases HERE! Hope this helps your students honor veterans. I would love to know if you use this to make cards, letters, or maybe more place mats!

And here's a few samples of our place mats. We had a lot of cool ones...but just be glad I remembered to take pictures when I did, and I'm sorry I can't show you more of the awesome ones!

And yes, one of my students is giving his place mat bunny ears...
special education honoring veterans ideas 
special education honoring veterans ideas
special education honoring veterans ideas
special education honoring veterans ideas
Thank you Veterans!!!

Teaching your students about veterans and the U.S. Military? You will love this unit created especially for students with special needs!


  1. I love the way you engaged the students with this project to thank the veterans. Love it!


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