5 Ways to Help Teachers Remember to Take Attendance

Mornings are so busy, the last thing most teachers are thinking about is submitting attendance when there are students to say hello to, notes to read, lesson details to finalize, kids to help, etc! So, how can a teacher actually remember to take attendance? 

5 tips for remembering to submit attendance

Here are some tried and true ideas from seasoned teachers who shared their strategies on the BSE Facebook page. Check them out and let us know which one ends up working best for you!

Attendance slide to your morning meeting

I thought this was genius! Do you use a morning meeting slideshow with your class? 

Add a slide that says "Time to Take Attendance" and even add the link so that you complete attendance during your morning meeting with your class!

Attendance alarm

Set an alarm on your phone or a classroom iPad / Alexa / device. 

I know some teachers who use alarms and different sounds for all sorts of different transitions and times in their classroom and think this is a great way to stay on schedule (and make sure that attendance gets submitted).

Attendance sticker

Add a reminder on your computer or somewhere else you will see it. We all know our students benefit from visual supports, and well, we benefit from visuals as well. 

Die cut attendance sticker in multi colors on computer monitor

Plus this attendance sticker is so cute if I do say so myself (and it's available at the Breezy Special Ed shop). True that a sticky note would work too...but a sticker like this is much cuter ;)

Assign attendance as a student job

This one is a double win! You know you have those students who will never forget, so give them the job to remind you to submit it. They will benefit from the responsibility and also feel like a valued member of the classroom. 

You can also have students complete a question of the day when they walk in as a fun way to check in and also as a way to "take attendance" in the classroom. Just remember to officially submit the attendance as well.

Attendance Announcement

Admin - this one is for you. Some teachers mentioned that their admin gives an announcement over the loudspeakers to submit attendance daily. That's definitely one way to make sure it gets done!

How will you remember to take attendance?

Which way do you think would work best for you? 

5 ways to help you remember to submit attendance

I wish I would have thought of some of these ideas when I was still teaching. I was always on the struggle bus when it came to submitting attendance, but I hope these ideas will help you! Try them out and let me know how it goes. You can leave a comment or connect with me on social media at @BreezySpecialEd

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