Back to School 2020 for Special Education

Does everyone feel like a first year teacher this year? There are so many changes and uncertainties about this school year and I know it can be overwhelming. I believe in control what we can control, and then making the best of whatever situation we are put in.

So, whether you are heading back to school in person, virtually, or a hybrid situation, here's some tips to help you get started!

Bulletin Boards

Prep your bulletin boards on presentation boards this year so that they can easily be used at school OR in your home virtually. 
Easy to grab and bring home if you need to at some point. I used these colorful presentation boards from Hobby Lobby and added borders to dress it up!

Here's my calendar bulletin board on a presentation board!

Speaking of calendar, if you are virtual (or have technology to use in the classroom), check out this morning meeting calendar time digital activity available on Boom Cards or Google Slides. See what the Google Slides version looks below.
You could record yourself in advance with Loom so students can see the slides and your face in the corner. You can do it together with students, or you can have students complete it on their own each day.

Get to Know You

Even if you have the same students you had last year, ask them what they did over the summer. And I'm sure you have at least one new student, so they all need to take time to get to know each other!

This free activity includes a variety of get to know you questions with visuals and can be used as a printable or with the TpT digital tool and Google Classroom.

If you like these get to know you questions, you will also enjoy daily question activities! You can project on the board each day and have students answer in their journals or on their devices. OR you can use in Google Slides virtually as shown in the video below.

All About Me

Another great way to get to know your students is to have each student complete a poster or slideshow about themselves! This all about me / students spotlight activity includes visual options and is ideal for students who can't read/write/type as they can simply choose the visual that best represents them on each page. This is available as posters to display in your classroom AND as Boom Cards / Google Slides for students to complete digitally.

You have options! There is a printable version, digital version, OR a bundle with both options! (Note: the bundle and digital version includes personal information practice for your students to work on all year long!)

Classroom Rules and COVID expectations

Just like any other year, go over rules and expectations and be firm with them. Review your students' behavior plans if they have them and know that you will probably need to have different expectations for different students and that is OKAY!

Classroom rules should be simple and to the point. You can create additional visual reminders for students as needed.

Is your school requiring temperature checks? Use this free temperature check story, quiz and worksheet set to help familiarize students with this new routine.
Temperature Check Symbol Supported Social Story and Worksheet for Special Ed

Use Digital Resources

I'm working on making most of Breezy Special Ed resources available digitally. Check out these digital resources below and feel free to contact me with your requests and needs.

More First Week Tips

For more tips on the (typical) first week of school check out this blog post below:

How are you starting school this year? 

Whether you are heading back to school in person, virtually eLearning, distance learning, or a hybrid classroom, here's some back to school ideas to help your special education classroom!

In person, virtually or a hybrid? Let us know what ideas you have to start the school year off on a good note!

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  1. What is Loom? That sounds interesting. So much technology to learn!


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