Community Signs UNO Card Game

When helping my students learning environmental print such as community signs, repetition is key. So I like to include the signs we've learned in as many places and ways as possible. We have signs hung up in our room, in our journals, in our math lessons, and even in this UNO game! I won't lie, this game is my favorite because my students don't really even think they are working or learning, they are just having fun playing a game! This community sign UNO game helps students learn and review 10 important community signs while having fun. #WINNING! :)
Teach community sign using this fun UNO card game. Great for teaching life skills and special education
This game is relativity easy to play and to learn the rules, because most students are familiar with the game UNO, and this game follows those rules, except instead of numbers, it uses signs.

The signs are represented in four different ways, and any of them can be matched during the game. See below for an example of the handicap sign. There are two variations of the each sign, the word, and a picture representing the meaning of that sign.
If a student doesn't know how to read, they can just play the word cards as their colors until they are able to recognize the word. Also, to make sure students don't just match the colors, you can offer incentives when they match signs, such as tally marks and a certain number equals a prize. Or you can also make students say each sign as they lay down their cards. Of course, you can play just for fun too! The sign wild cards will force students to say a sign and then the other players to look through their cards to see if that they have that sign.

The game pictured here is of the Community Sign Uno #2 game but I have another set of Community Signs #1 as well! Not sure which one you want? Let me help you out.

  • Community Sign UNO #1 works on the signs: stop, taxi, bike lane, airport, gas station, speed limit, bus stop, railroad crossing, crosswalk, and do not enter.
  • Community Sign UNO #2 works on the signs: danger, exit, no food or drink, handicap, do not litter, no cell phones, no smoking, poison, flammable, and elevator.
(And yes, the signs in both of these correlate wonderfully with my journals and math packets as well!)
Teach community sign using this fun UNO card game. Great for teaching life skills and special education

A hint when prepping this game: Please don't make yourself go crazy by using a scissors and cutting out on all of those little lines. Oh my goodness, it hurts just thinking of it! Find a paper cutter, if you don't have one, someone in your school does, find it!
And just cut along the lines. It doesn't need to be perfect! You will be done in no time! I was done laminating and cutting before finishing an episode of Modern Family.

So, have I convinced you yet? Your students will have so much fun, they won't even know they are learning! I hope you will have fun playing this Community Signs #2 UNO game!

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