Quick and Easy St. Patrick's Day Ideas for your Special Education Classroom

Who's celebrating St. Patrick's Day in your classroom this week? Any excuse for a party, right? I love parties, but I also love activities that are quick and easy to prep. Here's a few of my favorite activities that you can have ready to go in minutes (or even seconds!)
Parties also help our students practice important life skills and offer a fun way to get used to changing the routine (which can be hard, but important!)

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Have you ever done marble painting with your students? It's very easy to have all students, no matter their skill level, participate. We used copy paper box lids, a piece of paper with a shamrock outline, and then added some marbles and blue and green paint. The student then tips the lid back and forth to make this really cool painting!

St. Paddy's Day Drink
"Cooking" activities can't get any easier than this! All we did was add some green food coloring to some Sprite and the kids had a blast! It's also a great time to work on requesting items, counting food coloring drops, and pouring their drinks (if you're that daring!)

St. Patrick's Day Cards
I love to work on writing and using unique thoughts with these differentiated St. Patrick's Day cards. This pack has supports for all of my students, including my symbol writers and my writers, making it easy for me to differentiate for all of my students without any extra modifications!
I can have a student complete sentences using a symbol, trace sentence starters and choose a ending (or come up with their own), or write their own card using mix and match sentence starters.
Each card will end up being unique with it's own message, which I absolutely love. You can have students can make cards to give to each other, teachers, or family members.  Save time and help teach the important life skill or writing cards with these St. Patrick's Day cards!

Lucky Charms Sorting and Graphing
Check out some of these ideas that I pinned here for using Lucky Charms for fun math lessons! Kids will love sorting and/or graphing their cereal, well, they will love it as long as you let them eat it afterwards :) And all you have to do to prepare is buy a box of cereal and print a couple of these free worksheets!

St. Patrick's Day Journals
This adorable St. Patrick's day writing pack is perfect for all levels in your special education classroom. Grab them here!

What are you doing for St. Patrick's Day? 

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