End of the Year Memory Books

So today was our last full day of school! Craziness, right?! We just have 3 half exam days to finish the year off. This year my students and I created a class memory book for them to take home. (In the past I would go crazy printing pics of each student and have them each make a collage...this is way better and looks a little nicer too!)

Each month we went on a community trip which I always took lots of pictures for, so I mostly included those along with any other fun things we had done during that month.
Remember when we made our class Christmas cards? You all need to be doing this! It was so much fun :) Pin and remember for next year!

Then all students had to do was glue each page onto their color choice of construction paper, front and back, and then decorate the front. I gave each student the title and a pic of me with them and a pic of them and their aide. Simple and efficient.

I wrote a note to each student in their book as did their aide. And all classmates signed their names. Kinda like a mini year book :)

I think they will enjoy this book as a memory from this year!

Psst, I made an even better template with borders students can color and am sharing with you on TpT! Grab it here and happy memory book making! :)

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