Adapted Book Symbols for Tangled: Kingdom of Color

I promised to share the symbols for this adapted book once I got 50 likes on this post to see if you guys were interested, and yes you were!
It's been a while since I've added an adapted book to my classroom, but when I saw this Tangled book, I just knew I had to! My girls will love this! (They haven't even had a chance to read it yet, I put it together and laminated it today and plan on binding it tomorrow, but I was just too excited to share it with all of you!)

Book: Tangled: Kingdom of Color - available on Amazon (affiliate link)
Symbols: Adapted Symbols for Kingdom of Color - available in PDF from me! :)

Once you have the book, just print the symbols, cut out, and glue over top of the words on each page.  Then laminate and bind. Super easy!

This page below accurately sums up how I am feeling about this spring weather we are finally getting!

Looking to adapt more books? I share the symbols of most of the books I adapt from my classroom, check them out here.

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