How to Submit Teacher Tax Deductions for TpT Purchases

So it's that fun time of year when we have to get all of our paperwork ready to submit for our taxes. I don't even do my own taxes and I still hate it! As teachers, we can claim $250 used for classroom expenses. I'm absolutely terrible at remembering to save my receipts for this kind of stuff, so I usually don't take advantage of it....until I realized that TpT purchases count for my classroom! There is a super easy way to print off your purchases for the year for tax purposes.

UPDATE: This just moved on me and might have on you too! Now, go to "My Account" and then "Purchase History." You should be able to see the download link right there.

Previous way to find it...might still work for some of you???
First, log into your TpT account, and choose the "My TpT" drop down screen. Then go into "My Purchases" (which also now shows all of your free downloads as well!), from there click on the statement "Download 2014 Annual Purchase Statement", and boom, you have a receipt for classroom expenses. 

Here's more details about claiming teacher deductions.

Also, reminder from Lynn: your Union dues are also 100% deductible!

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope that was helpful! :) Do you have any other tax tips for teachers?


  1. I cannot see the download 2014 purchases link on my TPT account? Any thoughts?

    1. Looks like they just moved it! Go to "My Account" and then "Purchase History." You should be able to find it there.


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