3 Ways to Adapt Keyboards to Promote Typing Skills

I have quite a few alpha smart keyboards in my room and have personalized them for a few of my students in order to improve their emerging typing skills.

One finger peckers
How many of you have one-finger peckers when it comes to typing? It can be frustrating because I know go some they could be so much faster!

I cut apart some circle stickers so they would fit on keys and stuck them on the keyboard to distinguish between the right and left hand. Hopefully this will help promote my one finger peckers to at least two finger peckers! :)

Emerging Letter Recognition 
Last year I used four colors to help a student narrow down where to find the keys (very beginning typing/letter recognition skills). So I would say "find E purple E" to help him focus on a smaller area.

Little/No Letter Recoginition - Name
I also have another keyboard where I have highlighted the four letters in that students name so he can type his name. He can find the first letter of his name and I hope he get used to the sequence of the rest of it. We still have to work on putting them in order but it's a start!!!

Do you do anything similar? How are your students at keyboarding?

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