My Special Education Classroom this year

It may not be the cutest classroom you've ever seen, but it is a functional special education classroom! We don't believe in least overwhelming cute in my classroom. You'll see a few fun cute stuff. I took a ton of pictures for you guys! 
My room from the front corner. If you saw the clock here...yes, I stay at school way too late on way too many nights! 
My room from the back corner. We use this table for group work and it is pretty much my favorite. However, it is very hard to keep clean as everyone loves to store their stuff on this one...

A back corner view.

My bulletin boards/counter/computer desk area. Last year I stored my pecs on the blue pocket chart on the wall and it was great! I just haven't gotten around to organizing those yet. You can also see my students data binders back here.

Here is our language and goal area. Sometimes it's nice to just be able to move around and sit in a new spot. Plus it's a little more secluded. 
I just had to give you a quick peek at my file folders! I love file folder games as do my students :)

Here's our work task / TEACCH area for independent work. I have two desks so two students can be working at the same time. They are in the corner of the room to help prevent distractions and we also use pocket charts as blockers/area dividers. See these work boxes posts for what inside those boxes!

And here's, well, just about everything! These are most of the materials we use for our class meeting time in the morning. We go over the date, days of the week, weather, attendance (and yes, that is two staff members on the absent side on the 3rd day of's been a fun time in my classroom...)

Here's a closer picture of our main calendar area.

So I'm a special education teacher, so of course I use a lot of velcro, right? These are two of my favorite "tricks". I bought carpet squares from the dollar store that I staple on my walls so I can stick velcro on whenever I want! And when adding velcro pieces to my bulletin boards, I staple all around and through the velcro so the paper doesn't come off when it is pulled. Works great!!

Here I have our morning job tasks, which we haven't started yet, but a students name or picture will be next to each job that they will complete right away in the morning to get ready for our meeting time. Also, I have these "I can ____" signs posted as something to review with students and discuss if they were able to do those things that day.

Here's the inside of our little game closet so you can check out some of our favorite games including Money Uno! And a visual for general rules for games.

This is as soon as you walk into my room. I have student's binders, which they take each morning to sign in, go over meeting materials, and follow their schedules inside. On the cart I store materials like student's chewys or name stamps - materials they use frequently.

I have a few visuals right by my door so students can communicate what they want if they want to leave the classroom. Yes, hung up with some dollar tree carpet! :)

Here's our materials/supplies/sensory station. Basically, school supply needs are on the counter and the sensory/break choice items are on the bottom. 

So, that's my classroom so far this year! I hope you enjoyed the tour :)

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  1. I am new to this blog thing. I just wanted to say that your classroom looks great. I have enjoyed looking at your posts since discovering your blog :)


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