Monthly Calendar Worksheets + August Freebies!

I'm quite excited to use these new set of monthly calendar worksheets this school year!

By focusing on the calendar at the beginning of the month, it gives students an idea of what to expect, which decreases anxiety, plus it also works on important calendar skills.

Many of my students are not able to write on their own, so these calendars can all be traced. However, I do have a few writers this year (so excited about that!) so I have a blank copy for them so that they can still be challenged with this activity.

After the numbers are traced (or written in), we will go over the key on the side. The key is very basic. It has students identify weekends, school days, non-school days, and special days with separate colors.

For some students I will have to give them an outline of the color so that they can trace in the correct spot.

For each month, we will also work on identifying the symbol for the month and (hopefully) the word as well with this circling worksheet. I like to add a counting aspect to these types of worksheets because 1) it takes more time for early finishers 2) it works on math skills and 3) I'm just mean like that!

Then I plan on using one of the other worksheets I created each month, such as the cut and paste month symbols, numbers, or abbreviations. Or tracing and ordering the months. I also created a worksheet that can be used each month with generic questions about the month. I'm not sure yet if any of my students will be able to do this on their own, but my paraprofessionals can use it as a question guide if nothing else.

This product is available for purchase in my TpT store, and if you want to try it out, you can download the preview to get the August calendar and worksheet for free!

We will also do something with the calendar daily, but I haven't worked out those details yet. Do you do a calendar routine? If so, I'd love to hear about it and steal your ideas!! :)

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