Go Noodle Brain Breaks in the Classroom

I started using Go Noodle with one of my classes last semester and it was a blast! Go Noodle is a site made for classroom to incorporate brain breaks into your day. I found that it was great to help students focus after they came into class.

I specifically liked airtime for the beginning of class. It focuses on taking deep breaths, breathing in and out, and then we got a fun postcard at the end.

At the end of class, I would usually let them choose one of the YouTube videos for a free dance. I'll admit, "Let It Go" got chosen a lot...and I was kinda okay with that! :)

There were also some fun ones that we did randomly, such as the Olympic training videos or yoga! Some students got REALLY into the running ones and we had to work on running in place!

It's super easy to set up and use and my students absolutely LOVED it! They have categories of grades K-2, and 3-5, but I used it with my special education high school students at the K-2 level and it went well. If anything, the directions were still too complicated and fast, especially for some of the yoga...but such is life in special ed. Your class will get to choose a monster as their mascot, and it is always saying funny things, like this....
Honestly, not sure if my students ever thought the comments were funny, but I definitely had some laughs. I think with this particular comment, I'd have students thinking, well, duh, of course hammers would hurt heads! 
You can set up a demo class to play around with, but honestly, you can practically just sign in and go for it while you are teaching! It is very user friendly (and it's completely free). 
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Let me know if you use Go Noodle in your class! What are your favorite activities?


  1. Thank you so much for this info. I just signed up and will use it in September. I just got a Smart Board before the end of the school year and this will be great on it. Lynn

    1. You're welcome! And yes it would be great! There are so many things that are great on a Smart Board. I assume you've been checking out the smart exchange? AMAZING stuff there! And tumble books are great too! I was able to use one a couple of times this summer. I am trying to get one in my classoom :)

  2. What are tumble books? Always trying to find ways to use my smart board more!

    1. Check it out here - http://www.tumblebooks.com/ - you need a subscription, but you can get a free trial! I like to use them in manual mode and kids take turns to turn the pages. They have fun interactive books :)


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