Adapting Step-into-Reading Books with Symbols

So many of you loved the Frozen books symbols that I shared a while back, so I went through and saved a few more that I had created so I could share those with you as well!!!  I love adapting the step into reading books because they already have simple language, and so many of them are high interest to my students so they actually enjoy reading them. And, in my classroom, I consider Disney to be age appropriate (especially when compared to Teletubbies and Dora!)

I have linked the book to Amazon (using affiliate links) if you want to buy the book there and then you can download the symbols for free.

Book: A Dream for a Princess  - a Cinderella book
Symbols: Adapted Symbols for A Dream for a Princess

Book: Old, New, Red, Blue! - a Cars movie book
Symbols: Adapted Symbols for Old, New, Red, Blue!
*Since I only used the symbols for this book, the words typed out along with the symbols don't have proper punctuation and wording all of the time, so just use the symbols and you'll be good! See this book in this blog post on how to adapt books*

Book: Run, Remy, Run! - a Ratatouille book
Symbols: Adapted Symbols for Run, Remy, Run!

Book: Me Too, Woody!  - a Toy Story book
Symbols: Adapted Symbols for Me Too, Woody!

Get the Frozen book A Tale of Two Sisters and the adapted symbols here.

Adapting the books is really easy to do. All you need to do is cut out the symbols and then tape or glue them to the page. Sometimes I cover the words in the book (especially when they are a lot of words such as in A Dream for a Princess and A Tale of Two Sisters) and other times I cut out the symbols and paste them above or below the actual words in the books (in books like Me Too, Woody!Old, New, Red, Blue!, and Run, Remy, Run!). This is a great task to do while you are watching TV or something like that. You can still relax and tell yourself you're preparing for school :)


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these! I love getting my Step into Reading books at AC Moore. Every time they have had a 50% or 55% off coupon this summer I have been buying them. Add in the teacher discount and they are well under $2 a piece! I will look for some of these titles next time I am in the store!

    1. That's awesome! I've found most of these at thrift stores :) I need to go find more because my students love them so much!!!

  2. Awesome! This would be a great post to link up on my blog. I started a weekly blog hop called Sunday Special Tidbits. It opens on Sunday and you can add your link through Friday. I hope you can join!

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

  3. Love these! I am printing and buying them all now. However, I can't get the Cinderella one to print. Any suggestions?


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