Texture Painting

As we were learning about textures, we had some fun making texture paintings. My students thought this was WAY cooler than regular painting. We mixed our paint with a variety of materials that we had on hand such as sand, baking soda, shaving cream and glue (important to do these together or the shaving cream doesn't dry), sead beads, and glitter. FYI - we also tried salt but learned that salt and paint don't mix.

Each student picked and texture and a color. We mixed them together in yogurt cups and applied to cardboard using Popsicle sticks. Since the paint is thicker it's good to use something heavier like cardboard to paint on, and the Popsicle sticks worked great for applying the textured paints. Students traded colors with friends so that we didn't have to mix a trillion colors and could still use different colors on each piece of art.

I love how the close up pictures look!

Do you have any other idea of what we could have added to our paints?

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