Grocery Store File Folders

I am so excited to add these grocery store file folders to our collection. They work on a variety of skills with a fun real life application of shopping or working at a grocery store!

There are a couple category sorting, such as this fruit and vegetable sort as well as a meat and dairy sort! Students can practice "stocking the shelves" with these folders.

Similar to these two, there is also a file folders that distinguishs between half and whole gallons of milk.

And I love this size sort between small an large food items.

There are also file folders that work on stocking shelves, this time working on matching rather than sorting skills. These include matching cans and matching a variety of different food items.

Two different file folders work on money values. One matches the amount to the dollar. The next requires the student to match the money to a bill that is larger and can pay for the total.

Then there is also a file folder with the theme of finding the items on a shopping list. One has picture supports, the other just has the word that the students has to match the picture too.

I love sneaking in teaching life skills using fun file folders!

Head over to my TpT store to get the digital download to make these file folders for your own classroom.

Also available here on Etsy, already prepped and ready to ship to you.


  1. These are awesome! Definitely adding to my wishlist. I love being able to throw in lifeskills as well into work tasks for my students that they can practice with mild support or independently! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Jenn! I know, I love sneaking in those life skills too :) and my students feel so good about themselves when they feel they are able to "stock the grocery shelves!"

  2. I like the spin you put on "stocking grocery shelves" I have similar items in my store and like how you turned yours into file folder tasks. Good job!!

    1. Thanks! My students absolutely love file folder tasks. They think they are doing something fun and special :)


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