St. Patrick's Day Party - After School Event

We had a St. Patrick's Day party tonight at school as an opportunity for our special education to get together and hangout with their friends. It was pretty awesome!
I had St. Patrick's Day hats, necklaces, and headbands so students were able to dress up like leprechauns. They had fun with that. We started off getting accessorized and playing some board games. 

Then, students decorated a gold coin, which they would then pin under the rainbow in the "Pot O' Gold". They had a lot of fun with this!

We put green food coloring in our 7-Up to make our drink a little more fun! I was actually surprised, only a few students didn't want the food coloring - they all enjoyed watching it turn colors...maybe too much, I'm a little concerned on student might have had as much food coloring as he had pop! 

We also did marble shamrock painting. I had never done this before and it's a great activity that everyone can do (at least somewhat) and everyone enjoys. (I do have to admit, technically it was gumball painting because I didn't have I used gumballs!)

We played a group game that I called Sneaky Leprechauns Hide the Gold! (Or something like that). One student left the group, and we gave one student a gold necklace. The student would come back and have to guess who had the gold. Everyone pretends like they have it so it isn't super easy. The students liked this game more than I thought they would - so we played this game for a lot longer than I thought we would, but it went well!

Have you done anything for St. Paddy's Day yet? Will you be doing anything?


  1. That looks like that was fun! I wish we could do things like that.

  2. It's great that you brought them back at night for a party! I bet they loved that. We did a Reader's Theater and played a listening and speaking game, but no awesome parties like yours!

    Everyone deServes to Learn


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