Educents - Free $15 Credit for Teachers & Multi-tasking

Have you heard of Educents yet? If not, that's okay because it hasn't launched yet! So, obviously, I don't know much about it either but I do know that 1) it is a daily deals site (like Groupon) with educational products and 2) if you sign up now they are giving you a free $15 credit to use on one of their deals when they go live on April 2nd. I'm hoping we can score some sweet deals! So tell of your teacher friends!!

So I was working at my desk just a couple of days ago and didn't even realize how messy it looked until I stopped to put some chap stick on. And this wasn't just a messy desk - I was actually using a majority of these papers at that time. (So of course I had to pause and take a picture!) Holy Cow. Multi-tasking to the extreme. This is what happens when you have three IEPs scheduled in SIX days! Yup, I have two next week (Tuesday and Thursday) and then one the following Monday. I'm about to go crazy. At least when they're done they will be done! Anyone else with me on this one? How do you do it?!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on Educents! I love a good deal!

    And I'm with you on the IEPs...I have 3 in the next week, too (actually, had one today...two more to go plus parent teacher conferences next week). Good luck to you!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my page and now I found you and your great ideas! Yes our spring break is early (Our state tests start when when get back and continue through April) but I will be doing what you are doing...IEPs...and I still won't be done! I'm going crazy! But I love the educents! Good Luck with your ARDs and I hope you make it through peacefully!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the Heads up!
    I've been lucky enough to not have any more than 2 in a week, so good luck next week! =)

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  5. So glad I found you through IL bloggers linky. That educents tip is exciting! Can't beat free money! Thanks!!!



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